To folks coming from the north, the fact that we live in harmony with our ancient reptilian neighbors, the American Alligator, raises the hair on the back of their neck.  Native to the southeast, the American Alligator lives mostly in fresh or brackish water.

A few years ago, we had a family re-locate to the island, the mother of three children was absolutely convinced that they would not live on a lagoon, well guess what....the house they fell in love with was on a lagoon, so they pulled the trigger and have learned to live with alligators as their neighbors.

In general, gators are more fearful of humans, then humans are of gators.  There are a few things to consider however, during mating season (Spring) and baby season, mother alligators can get very aggressive and will fight to protect her eggs or babies.  As a rule, lagoons should be viewed from a safe distance, and always be aware of your surroundings.  Never feed alligators.

Folks fish in the lagoons all the time, and yes, alligators steal their fish all the time.  That mother of three we told you about, her son fishes in the lagoon, and he knows that once an alligator has found him, it is time to move or return home. 

With lagoons, comes mother nature at her finest, turtles, ducks and birds of all species call the fresh water lagoons home, add in the peacefulness that comes from living on the water, and for the majority of residents, lagoons bring a tranquility that only add pleasure to Low Country Living.  

When thinking about living in the Low Country don't rule out a lagoon view, folks from Pennsylvania and Ohio are frequently posting about bear sightings in their neck of the woods, or other 'fierce creatures'. We don't have bears on Hilton Head, but you will most likely spot a gator or two.

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