Are you dreaming of owning a home, but feel like saving the down payment is never going to happen?  This is a struggle for many, and following the market crash of 2008, zero money down loans were a thing of the past.  

What many may not know is that the USDA has ALWAYS offered a zero percent down payment home loan for home purchases in rural areas.

That is great you may think, but I don't live in a rural area, I live in Bluffton.  Well guess what, Bluffton is considered Rural by the USDA!

Our friend Alex Smith with PrimeLending, directed us to this article that goes over all the specific information about the program.

Not only that, but here is the search tool to determine if a property you like in Bluffton qualifies for a Zero Percent Down USDA Rural Loan.

It seems that the majority of Bluffton Homes do qualify.  We have searched a few of our Bluffton listings and they are all qualifying for this loan program.

This beautiful home in The Crescent is located in an eligible area.

As are homes in Pinecrest, Old Town, Shell Hall and most others!   


Shell Hall

This could be a fabulous opportunity to buy your first home, and start building equity!  If you have any questions at all, we have agents that can help you find your perfect Bluffton Home, and PrimeLending can do all the finance work for you.

There are other eligibility elements including household income, so we strongly encourage you to discuss the finance end of this, with Alex Smith of PrimeLending